I fear the loss of authenticity, intentionality, and, most importantly, respect for attention, in the conception of "art."
Live events are back! - the history of cryptocurrency & more
What should we be looking forward to?
⚡️ Fast Food Education (with audio)Listen now (19 min) | By Bianca Aguilar for Kernel Magazine | MOOCs, bootcamps, and educational exploitation
⚡️ Beyond + Escape (with audio)Listen now (27 min) | By Shira Abramovich for Kernel Magazine | A body in pain and computation
⚡️ a love letter to virtual community care 🌱💞 (with audio)Listen now (20 min) | cw: police, mental illness, inpatient hospitalization
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Our mission, through a tour of our 2021 pieces.
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but most of it is boring, and doesn’t add much – if anything
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Why tech is magical, but shouldn't be mysterious.
How algorithms support contributors at Wikipedia