⚡ 995 and Counting

Celebrating milestones and a request from the Reboot team

Reboot has come a long way since we kicked off events in April 2020 and the newsletter in October.

We’re now just five subscribers away from hitting one grand, but more importantly, we’ve evolved from a tiny pandemic event series into a sprawling, scrappy, volunteer-run organization working on projects from a print magazine to a fellowship to a podcast series.

Since Reboot’s genesis over a year ago, the contributor community and I have poured a ridiculous and irrational number of hours into its programs and publications. So whether by making a small donation or just sharing our newsletter with a friend, I hope you’ll consider supporting our continued work.

option one: donate to reboot

I’ve spent the last month drafting an essay on “the progressive case for techno-optimism,” and am now crowdfunding donations to release it.

This essay embodies the philosophical impetus behind Reboot. It’s about my disillusionment with technology’s promise and reillusionment with humanity; it maps out the efforts of collective organizing and creation, past and future, that keep me committed to Reboot’s work.

All proceeds from the crowdfund will help cover operating costs like books and podcast software, and I’ll only get the money once the essay is published. I’ll even curate a personalized reading list for anyone pledging $25 or more!

For example, one pledger requested the essay’s bibliography, which you can read here. The scope is ambitious — I attempt to cover ground from the 80s cypherpunks and afrofuturism to #NoTechForICE and DAOs — but hopefully a compelling one.

You can donate via the button below. I can’t wait to share the essay with you!

Donate Here

option two: share the newsletter

I would really love to see Reboot cross 1,000 newsletter subscribers!

I know that not everyone has the spare cash to donate. In that case, it’d be just as helpful to think of 2-3 people or communities you know — friends, coworkers, a Slack or Discord group — who would appreciate this newsletter’s essays and events.

By growing our audience, we’re expanding the number and range of people we can learn from and with. Reboot is based on a flywheel between our content and our community: the more folks we reach, the more perspectives that inform our work. (P.S. You can join our volunteer and learner community by filling out this form.)

You can share Reboot via the button below, or just forward them this email.

Share Reboot

In your share, it’d be amazing to include a link to a favorite post or the reason you’re subscribed. Here’s a mini roundup of five posts that sum up what we’re about:

  1. It’s Time To Build (A Movement): Theresa Gao recounts her journey from software engineering to student activism and #NoTechForICE.

  2. Taking Back The News Feed: Humphrey Obuobi reminisces over the news app Tonic and explains the importance of algorithmic agency.

  3. The Creator’s Dilemma: Lucas Gelfond compares production models in the creator economy and makes the case for the commons.

  4. Good Life, Good Work: I share a short DIY workshop for identifying career paths that align with your personal values.

  5. Review: The Ministry for the Future: Jessica Dai recommends The Ministry for the Future, a book about the climate crisis, geopolitics, and theories of change.

Thanks again for reading and making this all possible.

With gratitude,

Jasmine & Reboot team