⚡ Open Thread: Tell Us What You're Working On

Trying something new this week! We wanted to highlight some of the cool work our community is doing — and also hear from you, our readers. We’d love if you replied to this thread with a few sentences about what you’re working on or thinking about, any way the other folks here can help, and/or shout out other projects you’re excited by!

I asked members of our discord the same question — here are some of their answers! Feel free to reach out if you’re interested in their work. (Discord waitlist here!)

  • Anh Pham is working on a disability justice online course / workshop for young students in their home country with some friends, inspired by Design Justice! The curriculum is still very much under works, but if anyone wants to chat or has recommendations and advice, reach out to Anh!

  • Bianca Mikaila is designing for The Lexicon, a project around effective curation of crypto content.

  • Adriana Ceric is working on a platform to connect youth to city-building opportunities in their community (e.g. design consultation with local firm, urban garden project). It’s an effort from Urban Minds to make our cities more equitable through youth participation. Adriana shouted out a favorite project, My Parking Day, which fits with the participatory design theme. (You can reach out to Adriana via Twitter or email adriana.ceric@gmail.com!)

A youth-focused city-building workshop from Urban Minds

💝 some closing notes

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Also — hope to see you tonight at the live Q&A (tonight — 5p PT/ 8p ET) with Audrey Watters! Sign up here and read our review here.

Again, reply here with what you’re working on — don’t be shy! This is the time for self promotion and/or embarrassing a friend who is too humble to self-promote!!