⚡️ To Build a Home

Contents, contributors, and the Kernel digital experience

Thank you so much for your support and readership. The Kernel Magazine launch has gone better than we could’ve imagined, and we are thrilled that we’ve finally gotten to share the project that we’ve worked so hard on over the last several months.

We view Kernel as the beginning of a new chapter for Reboot. We’ve moved beyond our newsletter and events into a media ecosystem created, funded, and operated by and for our community of technologists dreaming of a better collective future.

Today, we’d like to share Kernel Magazine’s gorgeous new website, the full table of contents, and our full list of contributors.

🌐 kernelmag.io

To allow for more flexibility (keep an eye out for future media experimentation!), we wanted to create a beautiful custom digital experience for Kernel magazine. Reboot community members Jacky Zhao and Anson Yu built Kernel’s digital home, kernelmag.io.

Visit kernelmag.io

All magazine purchasers will have access to all pieces on the site once they’re released in mid-October, as well as receiving a print copy and invites to digital events with the authors.

You can preorder Kernel via the annual subscription option below. As a reminder, our promotional pricing ends in a week.

We only mail print copies to the US right now, but non-US readers can use this $20 discount link to get access to the rest of the digital experience: the paid newsletter, events, and the website.

📖 table of contents

We pre-released three pieces from the inaugural issue this week to share a preview. We’re excited to reveal the full table of contents:

  1. Letter from the Editor by Jasmine Wang

  2. take back the future! by Jasmine Sun

  3. Past, with an introduction by Saffron Huang

    1. e-raced by Matthew Sun

    2. from the non-ideal to ideal: what technologists can learn from organizers by Archana Ahlawat

    3. Unstoppable Mechanisms by Christopher Painter 

    4. Opus by Nikhil Devraj 

  4. Present, with an introduction by Emily Liu

    1. What is Technology? by Saffron Huang

    2. a tour of ‘here’ by Afika Nyati

    3. Beyond + Escape by Shira Abramovich

    4. Fast Food Education by Bianca Mikaila

    5. A Founder’s Guide to Options at the End of the World by Jasmine Wang

    6. a love letter to virtual community care 🌱💞 by Theresa Gao

  5. Future, with an introduction by Jessica Zhou

    1. Hypnopompia by Riley Wong

    2. Triumph of Desire by Hugh Zhang

    3. Kinjal Shah & Ameer “Sirsu” Suhayb Carter discussing crypto in conversation with David Phelps

    4. The Future Is, collectively authored by the Kernel community

👯‍♂️ our community

I want to especially thank Kernel Magazine’s editor-in-chief Jasmine Wang, who led over 20 writers, artists, editors, designers, and developers in bringing Kernel Magazine to life.

We asked our contributors to share what media has been meaningful to them recently, and collected their responses. Take a look!

Meet our contributors

💝 closing note

In the coming weeks and months, we’ll also be hosting virtual seminars for our paid subscribers featuring Kernel authors sharing about their work.

The Kernel print and digital experience will be $30 until October 8th. We will mail out print copies and release all articles online in mid-October.

Preorder Kernel Magazine

Thank you again for being part of this journey. Reboot is a volunteer-run project that we do on nights and weekends, so it means a lot to have your support. We hope you find this work as insightful and inspiring as we do.

Much love,

Jasmine & Reboot team