Reboot is a publication and community reclaiming techno-optimism for a better collective future.

We don’t publish platitudes on “tech for good,” and we won’t teach you to pass coding challenges or productivity-hack your day. Instead, we believe that:

  • Technology is part of a system. We analyze tech in the context of the institutions and ideologies it shapes and is shaped by.

  • Technologists should also be thinkers, writers, and advocates. Democracy thrives when we all have the courage to state the future we want to live in.

  • Optimism is an action, not a belief. We’re neither accelerationists nor Luddites: we are agents chipping away at a better world.

To that end, here’s what we’re building:

  • Newsletter: Every week, we share a book review or an essay by a Reboot community member, plus a few links that sparked joy and thought.

  • Events: Every month, we host live Q&As with authors of the best new books on technology and society. Audience participation is welcome!

  • Network: We run a student fellowship, edit and feature guest essays, and run other programs to connect and engage our community.

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our people

Reboot is a nonprofit run by an ever-growing team of volunteer contributors. Our community includes students, engineers, writers, founders, community organizers, scientists, and educators.

We are also propelled by our wonderful community members:

If you’re a young-ish person looking for a community thinking critically about tech, humanity, and power, Reboot runs a private Discord — more on that here.

in the archives

our featured books (event date, review)

System Error by Rob Reich, Mehran Sahami, Jeremy Weinstein (10/11/21, review)
A City Is Not A Computer
by Shannon Mattern (8/17/21, review)
The Infinite Machine
by Camila Russo (7/22/21, review)
From Counterculture to Cyberculture
by Fred Turner (6/17/21, review)
The Alignment Problem
by Brian Christian (6/3/21, review)
Living In Data
by Jer Thorp (5/27/21, review)
Glitch Feminism
by Legacy Russell (5/13/21, review)
by Joanne McNeil (4/27/21, review)
Working in Public
by Nadia Eghbal (4/8/21, review)
Subprime Attention Crisis
by Tim Hwang (3/13/21, review)
The Ministry for the Future
by Kim Stanley Robinson (3/4/21, review)
Attack Surface
by Cory Doctorow (2/9/21, review)
Artful Design
by Ge Wang (1/26/21, review)
Black Software by Charlton McIlwain (1/12/21, review)
This Could Be Our Future
by Yancey Strickler (12/8/20, review)
What Tech Calls Thinking
by Adrian Daub (12/1/20, review)
No Filter
by Sarah Frier (11/12/20, review)
Voices from the Valley by Moira Weigel and Ben Tarnoff (10/29/20, review)
The Smart Enough City by Ben Green (7/17/20)
Blockchain Chicken Farm by Xiaowei Wang (7/9/20)
The Hidden Girl and Other Stories by Ken Liu (5/14/20)
Uncanny Valley by Anna Wiener (5/13/20)
Always Day One by Alex Kantrowitz (5/7/20)
Futureproof by Kevin Roose (4/29/20)
Future Histories by Lizzie O’Shea (4/23/20)
Abolish Silicon Valley by Wendy Liu (4/15/20)
How To Do Nothing by Jenny Odell (4/9/20)

our original essays + interviews (pub. date)

Pursuing the Endless Frontier” with Ben Wolfson (9/10/21)
Value Beyond Instrumentalization” by Jasmine Wang (8/26/21)
Life in the Metaverse” by Anthony Tan (8/20/21)
Putting Workers In The Drivers Seat” with Jason Prado (8/6/21)
No More Starving Artists” by Alan Luo (7/29/21)
Design Justice and Beyond” (7/8/21)
Taking and Making Space in San Francisco” by Michelle Gan (7/1/21)
Safekeeping the Internet” with Jessica Zhou (6/23/21)
Venturing Toward Progress” by Ivan Zhao (6/3/21)
Why I’m Unionizing” with Angie Kim (5/13/21)
The Creator’s Dilemma” by Lucas Gelfond (4/30/21)
Make Space for Maintenance” by Bianca Aguilar (4/15/21)
Tech For Good But Make It Better” by Matthew Sun (3/19/21)
How To Map Your Values To Your Work” (3/5/21)
Worldbuilding on the Digital Frontier” with bgu (2/17/21)
What Happened to Human-Centered Health Tech?” by Shohini Gupta (2/11/21)
It’s Time To Build (A Movement)” with Theresa Gao (1/28/21)
Race in Silicon Valley” by Victoria Gorum (1/14/21)
CS vs. the Tech Industry” by Jessica Dai (12/22/20)
Post-Capitalist Entrepreneurship: Iterative Imagination” by Jihad Esmail (12/11/20)
Toxic to Tonic: Toward Algorithmic Agency” by Humphrey Obuobi (11/19/20)
Branding Ourselves to Death” by Nikhil Sethi (11/13/20)
Is Prop 22 a Dead End for Ridesharing?” by Allison Tielking (10/30/20)